How to Go Green in Commercial Cleaning?

Simple Cleaning Ways to Go Green in the Workplace

Did you know that one of the causes of water and air pollution is commercial cleaning products? Many harmful cleaning products are dumped into the ocean, rivers, and streams every year, polluting the water. And we are all aware of the harm that pollution can do to the earth, the environment, and our health. Green cleaning is a movement to lessen the negative effects of industrial cleaning on the environment or to make cleaning more environmentally responsible and sustainable. Here are some of the most helpful suggestions for going green in your workplace.

Improve Air Quality Naturally

Purchase plants for the workplace. In addition to taking out carbon dioxide, plants are also quite good at taking out other pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde. This improves the office’s overall air quality. If improved air quality isn’t enough of a motivation to include plants in the workplace, keep in mind that they also aid in lower stress, promoting creativity, and increasing productivity.

Keep Stock of Organic Cleaning Solutions

You can keep stock of cleaning solutions in the utilities or supply closet. They can be organic so that you won’t cause any harm to the environment whenever you clean the place. You ca also keep the containers so that you can just refill them with new solutions. Another option is to have the professional cleaners you hire use organic cleaning solutions instead of non-organic ones.

Book a Green Cleaning Service

You must routinely have your office cleaned. So, book a service that focuses on healthy, sustainable green cleaning rather than one that uses harsh chemicals that might harm the environment. Be sure the cleaning agents they employ are both biodegradable and certified to contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Prioritize choosing a service that makes use of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled toilet paper and microfiber towels. By bringing in a cleaning service with a green focus, you can get all the benefits of a neat, pristine, and organized workspace without exposing yourself or your staff to any hazardous chemicals or having a negative impact on the environment.

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